BAKING (for profit and pleasure)


BAKING (for profit and pleasure) is a collection of over 80 inspiring recipes for beginners and experienced home bakers alike.  Recipes include sensational cakes, savoury platter, traybakes and classic South African favourites.

R420 will get you a signed copy and it Includes free delivery.

This book is only available currently in English.



Being healthy does not mean you should give up baking: here you will find recipes for gluten-free, vegan and low-sugar bakes too. With advice on how to bake for profit – from choosing the right equipment, packaging and branding, calculating costings, to top tips for successful home-baking – you will soon rustle up a host of delicious treats! Whether you are baking for profit OR pleasure – for markets, catering or special occasions – you will find the perfect recipe in this book.