±1,5kg deboned Springbok leg

60 ml   olive oil

Salt and black pepper for seasoning

1          onion

2          carrots

100 ml chopped celery

8          Bay leaves

            Fresh thyme sprigs

            Fresh rosemary

            Zest of 1 lemon

15 ml   barbeque spice

30 ml   tomato paste

500 ml SYRAH Riebeeksrivier

150 g   pancetta or streaky bacon, cooked and chopped

1          garlic bulb, cut in half horizontally

200 ml tomato passata OR blended tinned Italian tomatoes

150 ml cream

250 g   baby roma tomatoes

10 ml   olive oil

10 ml   sugar


500 g   fresh egg pappardelle pasta,  cooked

60 g     butter

            Parmesan cheese

            Crispy pancetta


  • Heat the oven to 150°C. Cut the meat into very large chunks, season with salt and pepper, heat half of the olive oil in a large frying pan and brown the meat well.
  • Transfer the meat to an ovenproof casserole
  • Add the rest of the olive to the same frying pan and add the onion, celery and carrots. Cook for a few minutes then add the bay leaves, herbs, lemon zest, barbeque spice and the tomato paste.  Add the SYRAH and mix well to make the sauce
  • Pour the sauce over the meat in the casserole dish
  • Add the crispy pancetta and the garlic then cover and place in the oven for about 3 -4 hours to slow cook. Check regularly to see if you need to add more liquid (you can add water or chicken stock if needed)
  • The meat is ready when very tender and the gravy has thickened.
  • Place the baby tomatoes in a small oven tray, drizzle with the olive oil, sugar and season. Place in the oven and roast until the skins just start to pop.  Keep aside
  • TO COMPLETE: Shred the meat lightly with 2 forks then gently mix in the tomato passata and the cream. Add more salt and pepper is needed and very gently mix in the roasted baby tomatoes
  • Bring a large pan of well salted water to the boil. Add the pappardelle and cook until it’s still quite firm to the bite.  Drain, reserving a little of the cooking water, then add the pasta to the ragù, along with the butter. Add just enough of the reserved cooking water to loosen the sauce slightly. Put the whole lot on a warmed serving platter or put in individual bowls, then top with lots of parmesan to serve.
  • Garnish with fresh thyme or bay leaves
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