(Serves 10)

1          store bought chocolate loaf cake

250 g   mascarpone

30 ml   icing sugar

30 ml   coffee liqueur to mix with the mascarpone

2 liter   vanilla ice cream, softened (I made mine with FIRST CHOICE Vanilla velvet dairy dessert or use store bought vanilla ice cream)

200 g   boudoir biscuits

80 ml   cold espresso

80 ml   coffee liqueur

100 g   dark chocolate, grated or chopped finely

            cacao powder for dusting


  • Line a 2 liter loaf pan with baking paper (edges of paper must hang over to be able to lift out once frozen)
  • Cut the cake in slices and line the bottom of the tin with the cake.Sprinkle with a little coffee liqueur
  • Mix together the mascarpone, icing sugar and 30 ml coffee liqueur and spread on top of the chocolate cake.
  • Cover generously with some of the grated chocolate
  • Spoon half of the softened vanilla ice cream on and smooth with a palette knife
  • Combine the rest of the coffee liqueur and the espresso and dip half of the biscuits into the mixture.Place a single layer on top of the ice cream and dust with more grated chocolate
  • Repeat with another layer of ice cream and biscuits
  • Cover and freeze overnight
  • TO SERVE:remove the frozen tiramisu from the tin, dust with cacao powder and serve.  OPTIONAL to drizzle with melted dark chocolate and garnish with chocolate shards or long stem cherries



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