(Serves 4)

180 ml sago

1 tin     coconut milk OR coconut cream

250 ml milk

100 ml castor OR coconut sugar

            Pinch of salt

60 ml   toasted coconut

125 ml passionfruit pulp

2          limes, zest and juice

80 ml   castor sugar

            Toasted coconut flakes for serving


  • Place the sago, coconut milk, milk, 1 cup water and the 100 ml castor or coconut sugar in a saucepan and let it stand for 30 minutes to soak.
  • Meanwhile combine the passionfruit pulp, lime zest, juice and the 80 ml castor in a small saucepan and stir on medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cook until it becomes a syrup (a few minutes)  Cool and keep aside.
  • Add the salt and toasted coconut to the soaked sago and place on medium heat, bring to a simmer and turn the heat to low. Cook, stirring often until the sago is tender. 
  • Remove from the heat and spoon into 4 bowls.
  • Drizzle with the passionfruit and lime syrup and top with some toasted coconut flakes
  • This dessert can also be eaten cold (but I prefer it warm)




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